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Dr. Karen Gurney Executive Coach

Experienced consultant you can trust.

Dr. Karen Gurney has more than 25 years of combined experience in Executive Coaching, MBA program and professional group consultation, and human resources. We are dedicated to finding the best return on investment from your education investment.

With Dr. Karen Gurney Executive Coaching, results is our watchword. This is a strategy that is open, honest and market-based.  Giving quality, professional consulting on 6-figure career transitions is the most important thing we do.

Employers have stopped advertising their top positions and now use 3rd Party Recruiters to source their talent. The problem is, the recruiters cannot find you for the jobs you want.

Our coaching practice levels ensures you are found and can make strategic career moves that match your goals.

Areas of Consultation


Recruiters are seeking out great passive talent for their top positions.


Solutions to the 3-Silent Job Killers, behavioral, and great 'questions for them' that close on jobs.


Increase your income and get the maximum value on your MBA and skills.


Dr. Karen Gurney

Dr. Gurney focuses on cutting-edge strategies the ensure MBAs get the maximum return on investment from their MBA education investment.

What Our Clients Say

Karen is a competent, compassionate, relentless professional who cares about what she does and cares even more about the clients that she represents. She underpromises and over delivers!"

Kim Johnson

"I secured a position within a month of this process and am still happily enjoying a perfect fit."

Gene Bryant

"Karen got me my first job out in the U.S.  A great service for recent immigrants."

Julieth Virgie

What Makes Us Different

At Dr. Karen Gurney Executive Coaching, we understand that a person's career is one of the most important aspects of their lives. 

Some quotes from Linkedin Recommendations:

You helped me find jobs I did not know I was qualified for.”
“I felt like you were an insider in my industry.”
“You did not dwell on my past like other coaches. You reinvented me for real jobs.”
“I could not have done it without you, period.”

We treat the MBA investment with the respect it deserves.

With an MBA, a professional makes a large investment and requires the highest ROI possible on their professional development spend.

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